• Can we drive the course following the race? No, for the safety of participants on the course.

  • Can family come with me in support? Yes, but please stay near the start/finish area.

  • Is this course a Peachtree qualifier? No.

  • Are dogs allowed? No, dogs leave droppings and can bite.

  • Are strollers allowed? Walkers with strollers are welcome, but runners with strollers will be asked to remain in the back.

  • Do I have to pay a gate/parking fee? No, there is no gate or parking fee.

  • Can I register on race day? Yes, you can register on race day, but the price is $50 and registration closes at 10:45 a.m.

  • Can I sell my number? No, because the disclaimer is in the registrants name.

  • Can I have a refund? No, sorry no refunds.


The school entrance on Elizabeth Lane will be blocked off, so all participants must make their way onto the campus from the Spout Springs Road entrance. Once entering the campus, take a left at the 3-way at the foot of the hill and make your way to the student parking area on the Northwest side of the campus. The track will be accessible from the student parking area where race day registration will take place.